Spay & Neuter Program 

Spaying or neutering is a surgical procedure for pets to prevent unwanted litters, help pets live healthier lives, and to help control the animal population.

The shelter offers a low-cost spay/neuter service to low-income families and individuals who qualify. An application for low-income assistance can be found by clicking the button below. Or you may come to the shelter to ask for a paper copy in person. Once approved for services, an appointment for procedures will be made with our staff veterinarian and for a small fee, we will get your pet fixed. Below are the fees for this program.

Dog Walker
Green Eyed Cat

Cat Fees

Spay or Neuter $50

Cost includes rabies shot if not up to date

Black Dog

Dog Fees

-Neuter $65

-Spay $75

Over 50 pounds $95

Cost includes rabies shot if not up to date

Cat With Blue Eyes


There is a discounted Microchip fee if done at same time as spay/neuter $20