Volunteers are needed to perform a variety of tasks in the shelter and at special events. From walking dogs to cleaning kennels to assisting at fundraising events, there is a job for everyone with any skill set!

While the facility will not open until sometime in the fall of 2019, we are accepting volunteer applications at any time.


To fill out a volunteer application online, please click  HERE.

If you would prefer to present your volunteer application in person or perhaps mail it in, click  HERE  for the printable volunteer application.  



What age do I have to be in order to become a volunteer?

We welcome volunteers starting at 6 years old! Volunteers 6-12 years old will need a parent volunteer to apply with them and volunteer alongside of them. Volunteers 13-17 years old will need a parent to attend Orientation with them, but can perform their duties after orientation without a parent volunteer by their side.

What kinds of tasks will be available?

There is a huge variety of jobs to do! Feeding, cleaning, socializing, training, retail work, reception duties, assistance with youth programs, and so much more! There is something for everyone, even if you don't want to work directly with animals!

Can High school students complete their service hour requirement at the Wellington Humane Society?

You bet! We welcome high school volunteers who need to complete service hours or those who just want to help out!

What if I don't have a consistent schedule or can only volunteer for an hour at a time?

We completely understand and guess what? We have the perfect volunteer program for you! Power Hours is a specific volunteer program for people with schedules that change or who only have time once in a while, but who still want to give back! 


How to become a Volunteer

Email us at wellingtonhumanesociety494@yahoo.com to request a volunteer application or use the link provided above.

Return your filled out application/applications via email.

You will then be contacted with Orientation and Training dates as we approach our grand opening and will be able to select one that works the best for you

After you complete your orientation and training, congratulations! You will officially be one of our AMAZING volunteers! You will now be able to schedule your hours or participate in one of our volunteer programs.