Report Animal Neglect/Abuse

If you suspect neglect or abuse, the first step is to call your animal control agency.

  •     Within the city limits of Wellington call Animal Control at 620-440-1835.
  •     If you are outside of the Wellington city limits in an unincorporated area, please call the Sumner County Sherriff's Office at 620-326-8941.
  •     If you are within the city limits of any other incorporated city in Sumner County, contact your respective city office.
  •     If the animal is in immediate danger or you are witnessing active animal abuse, please call 911 immediately.
  •     If you live in a different county, please call your local Animal Control or county Sherriff Office.

Things to NOT do:

  •     Do NOT confront the owner.
  •     Do NOT throw food, water, hay, etc. to the animal because this can impede the investigation. If an officer comes to the scene and sees food, water, and shelter is provided, there is little or nothing they can do for the animal at that point.
  •     Do NOT take the animal. This is a crime.
  •     Do NOT enter someone else's property. This is a crime.

Things you CAN do:

  •     You CAN make a report to local Animal Control or Sheriif's offices
  •     You CAN document in writing what you observe, the time, date, and any other details.
  •     You CAN take pictures from PUBLIC property.
  •     You CAN contact HSUS if you do not have local authorities equipped to deal with animal cruelty.